Friday, September 2, 2011

3 Blind Moose, Neon Nails and a Wildflower

Eclectic post, I know. I love taking pictures of flowers and these were growing wild in my backyard.  I can see a bunch on them growing on the hillside of my back neighbor's yard and am so tempted to sneak back there and take more photos.  Finally, we get some summer weather! I am ready to sit on the deck and sip on some 3 Blind Moose wine ( I'll let you know if its any good but with moose on the label its gotta be!) And, I don't know why I didn't own a pair of denim wedges or heels before!?! I think they are so incredibly me!

Bought this skirt without trying it on first...the line was too long.  Kind of wish i brought the large so it would fit on my hips and not sit low on my waist.

Top:Ross-White Cowl Neck Tank-$7 (similar here, or here )
Skirt:Forever 21- Navy scalloped hem skirt-$20 (similar here)
Shoes: Macy's-Style&co Darlin Sandals -$15 (similar here)
Approximate Total Cost-$42

3 Blind Moose wine, a gift from my husband as an apology for my wedding anniversary gift being late.
Note: Neon red orange nails.

My Darlin Shoes and neon lime green nails. They both make me happy. 
Reason #453 I don't like talking to hair stylists, eyebrow threaders or manicurists: They're comments can be extremely rude.  Like today, I was told by the woman doing my threading that its unfortunate a person as pretty as me has so much unwanted facial hair.  Yes, I know I'm a hairy Indian person but you don't need to verbalize it to me while pulling out my hair.  If I was okay with the fact that  I'm hairy I wouldn't be in your facial hair threading salon in the first place! Gah.  She then went on to tell me she knew I was Indian because of how I smelled....super awkward.

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