Blogs I Adore

 The first fashion blog I stumbled upon and my initial inspiration for starting my own blog

She gives great fashion advice and tips

Love her style and her name is also Anjali.

I'm not a giant but I like her style and her sense of humor.

Would love to be as creative in my dressing as her and she looks like my friend!

Would love to go thrifting with her one day, her finds are amazing!

He's my nephew and an excellent baker

Love her "Thursdays are for Thrifters" link ups

I adore her clothes...if we were the same size i'd steal them.

Haute Muslimah:
Modesty and style.  Some of the most stylish people I know wear hijabs.

Thin and Curvy:
As she says, not an oxymoron.  I think I might fall into this category or at least I can follow her advice.

Indian Fashion Bloggers:
The link is to the fb page.  Its a mini-network of South Asian fashion bloggers and I love checking it find other indian bloggers.

There are many more blogs I read on a daily basis and I'll add to this list as I discover more!

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