Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fashion Challenge: Brown? Cognac? Both...

Today's Fashion Challenge neutral color was cognac.  I googled cognac color and the image results came up with a wide range of medium brownish shades.  I was pretty unsure where to go with it so I picked different shades of brown in the hopes one of them would be cognac.  Since I missed out on yesterday's color of brown if none of my choices are cognac, I'm doing brown a day late.

Little Frankie is modeling his cute self in these photos as well.  Its was also too much effort to get the tripod out and watch the puppy so I'm back to using the deck railing and tables as perches.  Considering all that, I think my photos turned out pretty darn well.

Cardigan: H&M-Orange ruffle cardigan-$20
Dress: H&M-Khakhi shirt dress-$35
Tights: Marshalls-Brown striped tights-$4
Shoes: Kmart-Flats with buckles-$8
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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fashion Challenge: Grey Day

For today's Fashion Challenge was to wear grey.  This is one of my all time favorite dresses.  Its super comfy jersey material, has pockets and came with a belt (which I can't find at the moment).

Dress:Ross-Heather Grey Jersey Dress-$14
Jacket-New York & Co-Grey Wool Jacket-$35
Boots: Ross-Aerosoles Black Boots-$20

And the reason this post is so short on words and has taken me all evening, my new puppy Frankie!  He's an early Christmas gift from my husband. He's half dachshund half english bulldog and absolutely adorable.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Fashion Challenge: Neutral Black

This week I'm participating in the Fashion Challenge hosted by Megan Mae Daily and Casual Chic Kiki.  The theme this time around is neutrals.  Some of you may have noticed I have a pretty darn colorful wardrobe and could use a little help with wearing neutrals.  So this week I'm going to stay away from my safe colorful items and try out some neutral looks.  Today's neutral color of choice is black.  I'm often criticized by my best friend for the distinct lack of black in my wardrobe and I dedicate this post to you Rupie!
Jacket-White Elephant Sale Oakland, CA-Grey 3/4 sleeve jacket-$3
Top-H&M-Black and white printed poofy sleeve top-$10
Skirt-Clothing Swapped-FREE!
Tights: Nordstrom Rack-Polka dot tights-$4
Shoes:Ross-Black Flats-$14
Approximate Total Cost-$31

I'm pretty sure this is the most black I've ever worn in an outfit.  I don't even own a quintessential little black dress!  I wanted my outfit to consist mostly of black (grey is a shade of black, right?) but still be young and playful.  I think I accomplished this by pairing my black skirt with polka dot tights, an eye catching black and white printed top and my favorite floral embellished black flats.

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Tomorrow everyone will be wearing grey!  So I guess it doesn't really count as a shade of black, BUT I can wear my jacket again, right?

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Shopping ban fumble

I fumbled. Faltered. Failed. Or whatever you want to call it.  I gave in to the holiday shopping fever.

I was out at my local thrift store this past week looking for a dress to wear to my husband's company holiday party.  I wasn't sure if I had anything in my closet that fit or appropriate for the occasion so I thought I'd just see what was available for cheap, you know, just in case.  I found a dress I really liked but walked away from it.  I did great! I remembered my shopping ban and decided to stick to it and search my closet instead.

At home I tried on a few possible options.  They all fit for the most part.  The one my considering wearing is blue, white and grey animal print one shoulder number which fits great except in the underarm of all places.  Its still totally wearable though.  I'm feeling good about my decision at this point.

The fumble begins the next day when a coupon arrives in the mail for $5 off a purchase of $15 or more for the thrift store!  In my moment of weakness I take it as a sign that the dress I left behind the other day was meant to be.  I switch out my bra for a strapless one and head out to the thrift store, gotta try the dress on with the proper undergarment this time.  Sadly, the dress didn't fit as nicely as I remembered so I continued my search for something for the party.  The rest is history.  I end up walking out of the store with a skirt (which I may wear the the party and if not I wear it to another holiday event), cream sweater, and two turquoise sweaters.  I don't feel too bad though, all four items cost me $12 total after I used my coupon!

Black pleated skirt with bead border, Talbots label.

And, the other turquoise sweater I purchased.
Sweater-Thrift Town-Charter Club Turquoise cardigan-$4
T-shirt-Black T-shirt too old to remember
Jeans: JCPenny-$20
Scarf-A gift from my friend

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tribal & Mustard

December already...I feel like November flew by so quickly.  The past few weeks I've been unable to keep up with blogging.  I blame it on the shorter days, gloomier weather and a busier schedule.  But yesterday the sun was shinning brightly while I was getting ready for work so I decided to add a little bright happy color to my outfit by wearing my tribal print dress.  I played up the yellow splashes of color on the dress by pairing it with my yellow cardigan and sneakers.  Seems I inadvertently matched the leaves on the trees too!  Fall came a little late here in California!

Dress: Target-Tribal Print Dress-$10
Cardigan: Macy's-Charter Club Mustard yellow cardigan-Gift from Mom-FREE!
Jeggings: Target-Dark Blue Jeggings-$22
Shoes: Macys-Naturalizer yellow sneakers with bow-$15
Approximate Total Cost-$47