Thursday, October 6, 2011

H&M Clearance Review

One of my reasons for starting this blog is to show that you can find great items if you search the clearance racks.  Just because its on clearance doesn't mean there is anything wrong with it.  Yes, you may have to pay closer attention to detail making sure their is nothing defective or stained, but the same goes for thrifting.

Not For Me!
Green flowy wrap dress-$20

I really really wanted to love this dress, but something about it wasn't right.  Maybe it was big flowy sleeves or perhaps how large it made my hips look.  My hips aren't wide.  I get most of my curve from my behind so maybe its just a silloette i'm not used to.  I did like the fact that its a wrap dress that you truly wrap around you which made it super easy to put on.  I think it runs TTS, I'm pretty consistently a size 10 in dresses at H&M.  The fact that its a true wrap dress probably makes it more accommodating size wise.   If I had to guess the material is georgette likely rayon. 

Will think about it...

Pink Cowl Neck Top with Black Bow-$7
Floral skirt-$20

For pulling clearance items off the rack to try on, I think I made one heck of a cute outfit! I liked the print of the skirt but the material and construction seemed flimsy and not worth the reduced price of $20.  The top was cute but I wasn't in love with it so I walked away.  I'm trying to be better about only buying pieces I truly love.  The second picture was my attempt at twirling the skirt...I need to work on keeping the camera still while i twirl.  The shirt was a medium and the fit was fine.  The skirt was an 8 and fit perfect on my waist I do have short legs so the skirt would probably be knee length on average height people.

Yes please!
Floral Print Tunic Top-$10

I love the loud bold print of this dress.  For years I stayed away from big prints because I was a size 0/2 and listened to some fashion experts advice that small girls shouldn't wear big prints.  I tried it on and imagined it going well for a night out with some super high heels or even passing as a Indian kurti top with a churidar pajama.  Or just wearing it with jeans and a belt across the waist.  I wouldn't wear it without pants or tights. It doesn't appear too short from the front but i believe me, bending isn't an option.  Oh and a bonus about this top, it rang up as $10 not $15 as the tag says! 

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