Monday, September 19, 2011


This weekend my husband and I went down to Socal to visit Legoland and see some family and friends for his birthday.  My best friend went with us and it was the first time visiting Legoland for us all.  We all thought the lego creations were amazing!  And definitely worth the discount ticket price we payed.  Most of the rides are geared towards little kids but that didn't really matter to us as we could care less for roller-coasters and such.  It was all about the Legos!
Note we visited the gift shop and purchased a lego christmas scene for my husband to set up every year

Me and a lego Bison.
 Ever since I visited Yellowstone National Park when i was 12 or so I've been semi-obsessed with the creatures.  The face and body were built of lego bricks while the hair was chia pet like vegetation.  My new oxford style shoes from Nordstrom rack were perfect for a day of walking around.
My friend in front of Lego Washington D.C.

New Orleans

Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco!

Golden gate bridge and NY skyline in the background
My lego racecar.
 They have an place where you can build your own racecar and race it against your friends.  My not-so creative design never made it to the finish line. It had issues going straight and would get stuck on the edge.  There was even a timer for the races.   My husband, the physicist, of course had an aerodynamic car with deflectors to keep it from getting stuck on the edge or pushed of course by other cars. Surprise, surprise he won!
Lego unt for Tiny and Egyptian Tomb for Ashley
Lego Taj Mahal! So many legos were used that it weighs approximately 900lbs!
Lego Mt. Rushmore...note the Q-tip in George Washington's ear...there were little lego people moving it in and out!

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