Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fashion Challenge: Brown? Cognac? Both...

Today's Fashion Challenge neutral color was cognac.  I googled cognac color and the image results came up with a wide range of medium brownish shades.  I was pretty unsure where to go with it so I picked different shades of brown in the hopes one of them would be cognac.  Since I missed out on yesterday's color of brown if none of my choices are cognac, I'm doing brown a day late.

Little Frankie is modeling his cute self in these photos as well.  Its was also too much effort to get the tripod out and watch the puppy so I'm back to using the deck railing and tables as perches.  Considering all that, I think my photos turned out pretty darn well.

Cardigan: H&M-Orange ruffle cardigan-$20
Dress: H&M-Khakhi shirt dress-$35
Tights: Marshalls-Brown striped tights-$4
Shoes: Kmart-Flats with buckles-$8
Be sure to check out the other lovely bloggers participating in the Fashion Challenge this week.  You can find links at Casual Chic Kiki or Megan Mae Daily.

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  1. I like it :) come and see me and of you want we can follow each other ?:)