Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Amidst Packing Ross Run

Needed to go buy sheets today for our new bed being delivered tomorrow so I headed over to my new favorite and conveniently located across the street store, Ross.  My husband thinks he's getting more room on the bed, but I bet I can take up an entire king size bed if I try.   Of course before checking the bedding section I follow my usual browsing pattern at the store.  I skip the purse and accessory section as I rarely change my purse.  I head straight for the shoe section and find these beauties:

Nine West brown platform heels on sale for $19.99! It was too good of a deal for me to pass up.  If you think walking in 4 inch heels is hard try maintaining your balance while wearing them and bending over to take photos!

My next stop on while browsing Ross is always the dress section.  I grab a few selections to try on just for fun. Such as this ugly number. It didn't make sense on the hanger and my curiosity compelled me to try it on.  I think my expression says it all. The bow tie is pointless and accentuates nothing. Its a cummerbund gone wrong. There is quite a bit of extra fabric under the bust and I don't even know where to begin on the skirt.  The fabric is an unappealing off white with a yellowish tint.  It just plain fails.

Eventually, I make my way over to the bedding section and find 500 thread count cotton sheets in a pretty steel gray color with a satin sheen to it.  I'd love to have bright floral sheets or maybe something in a nice pastel print but my husband would probably cut them up into rags.

And lastly, my outfit for today.

Shirt: Ross-French Laundry~$7
Belt:Ross-Came with another shirt~$10
Jeans:Nordstrom Rack-Joes Jeans, Honey booty fit~$70
Shoes:Old Navy-Silver strap sandals ~$20
Bag: American Eagle Outfitters~too old for me to remember
Approximate Total Cost~$107

Yes, I know $70 for a pair of jeans doesn't seem like a bargain.  And believe me they weren't easy for me to purchase mentally. I called up my husband and texted pictures to friends before caving in and buying them.  I justify them with how fabulous my butt makes them look ;)

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