Monday, August 22, 2011

If you got it flaunt it dress

Dress:Ross-Derek Heart Grey Dress~$20
Tights:Nordstrom Rack-Black Polka Dot Tights~$4
Shoes:Ross-Black Flats~$14
Approximate Total Cost~$38

My "If you got it flaunt it dress" highlights my small waist and large chest while the pleated skirt creates volume where I lack hips.  ( I swear when the dress isn't wrinkly from driving around and doing errands all day the skirt has pleats)

The top portion of the dress is a jersey material that stretches where I need it and believe me I need it.  This weekend I went to a small bra boutique, A La Folie, in Berkeley for a one day only sale.  This place sells beautiful and functional lingerie in a wide array of sizes, like from an A cup to an I cup!  Unfortunately, its also quite expensive so I wasn't about to miss a sale there.  I browsed the clearance rack and found a bra I liked in what I thought was my size.  I try it on and was disappointed when I saw it caused a bad case of double boob, the phenomenon where the boob muffins out of the cup creating a lumpy unappealing look.  I ask the sales lady for some help and she informs me I should be wearing a 32F! Yes, you read correctly, F.  She gets me a few bras in my new size to try on.  Holy crap! I didn't realize my back was hurting till I tried on the bras and the pain disappeared!  If you haven't gone in for a bra fitting recently, do your girls and your back a favor and do so! So, now I have a new quest.  To find places that sell my new size at reasonable prices.

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