Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Best Place to Shop...

...is in your own wardrobe. A significant portion of my wardrobe is still at my parents home. Being of Indian decent, I essentially have two complete wardrobes: One indian and one american. When I was home last week I started trying on some of the clothes I left behind just to see if they still fit. Thankfully, the majority of my more casual indian tops did! I think I need to start incorporating some of my finds into my everyday outfits. Such as the blue and orange floral top on the left. There are tons of floral prints in the stores these days so I guess it even fits the trend. The shirt on the right is a BCBG top I purchase about three years ago and only wore once. It was quite baggy at the time and the sleeves just didn't suit my then twig like frame. Now the shirt is a little snug on the bust but I think totally wearable.

So try shopping your own closest every once in a while and dig up those forgotten shirts, pants, and skirts. Maybe they'll suit your style today :)

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  1. This is one of my favorite tactics too! I often find things I got years ago match perfectly with something I picked up the day before (for cheap, of course).