Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Target Dress Review

The three dresses I've reviewed were all found on the clearance racks for under $20. Target is a great place to find clearance items, accessories like belts, bags, sunglasses and even jewelry at budget conscious prices.

Merona Collection

I really liked this dress when I first saw it in Target stores a few weeks ago. I was attracted to the bright colors and paisley like print. As well as, the ties to accentuate the waistline. I'm a total sucker for anything that ties or has a bow. One unfortunate thing about this dress is the material, its 100% polyester and has a paper like texture that makes it flare out from the body and stay there. I tried on a size 6 which was a little tight across the bust so it might flatter smaller chests more. It was a little loose on my waist but the ties remedied the situation. I liked the modest neckline but didn't care for the shape of the skirt. I may go back and see if i can find a size 8 to try on, maybe a size up would flatter my shape more.

Converse One Star

I think what attracted me to this dress was its similarity to a dress my cousin has and looks fabulous in. I tried on a size small because i couldn't find a size medium in purple. The dress also comes in a light grey color, but I'm trying to stop my current wardrobe trend of heather grey dresses. This dress again was too small in the chest. The zipper didn't even make it up the last three inches or so. I liked the empire waist and the fabric (100% cotton) but didn't care for the fact that the dress covered all of my back. This one is also worth another try in a size up. (I'm still figuring out what size range i fit into with my newly plumped body)

Challis Kimono Dress

I really like this style of dress but thought the large chest would rule them out completely for me. My husband suggested I just go for it and try one. Of course, he encourages any visible cleavage. I liked the print and thought what the hell, may as well give it a try and I'm glad I did. Despite the plunging neckline little cleavage is actually visible. The dress is casual and even short enough to wear with jeggings or tights as shown above. For ten bucks I can ignore the fact that its 100% rayon and I think I'll be wearing this dress often for the remainder of summer and through the fall.

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