Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Taj Modge Podge

Last week my husband and I completed a puzzle of the Taj Mahal, the Indian icon of everlasting love. The Taj brought my husband and I a little closer together. We worked together to complete a shared goal and accomplished it. After trying so hard to buy house and failing numerous times it helped to do something together and finish it. It also kept us from our usual evening activity of catching up on DVR'ed shows or the netflix queue.

Once we finished the puzzle, I wanted to frame it to place over the mantel of our future home. I did some research on the internet and decided to try using Mod Podge glue to affix the puzzle pieces to one another. First, I used a foam sponge to spread a thin layer of glue on the front of the puzzle. After it dried I repeated the process on the front and back twice. It worked really well and I could flip it over after the first application without worrying about it coming undone. Next I used spray glue to affix it to a black mat board and then the mat board to the picture frame backing. The finished product turned out great!

So, now since I've bought Mod Podge glue I figured I may as well try a craft type use. I decided to finally to do something with all the floral photographs I take. Some people stop and smell the roses. I stop and take photos of every flower in my path. A hobby of mine that tends to annoy those walking beside me cause of the frequent stopping.

What you'll need to decoupage photographs:
  1. Photos, not on photo paper. You can either photocopy existing prints or just print out photos on normal printer paper.
  2. Canvas, I picked up mine on sale at Jo Anns
  3. Mod Podge glue, or I here diluted Elmers works well
  4. Acrylic Paint
  5. Sponge Brushes
  1. Paint the canvas a color of your choosing. I chose lime green because its my favorite color and accent color in my apartment.
  2. Cut or tear photographs and experiment with different layouts till you find one you like.
  3. Use sponge brush to apply a thin layer of glue to the back of a photo and place on the canvas. Apply pressure and smooth out the edges. Repeat for all the photos and let the glue dry, approximately 25-30 minutes.
  4. Next apply glue to the entire canvas. Be sure to brush in the same direction, being careful of photo corners. Repeat 3-4 times allowing the canvas to dry between applications.
And, Viola! Your finished original and cheap art piece!
Of course, instead of creating art for the new place I should be packing. But hey, at least i scored free boxes off of craigslist!

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