Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Can't keep anything new

Bothered to put on make up today!
5 Random Facts about Me:
  1. I can't keep anything new.  I must wear an new item of clothing as soon as I can, such as the LOFT skirt i bought Monday and wore today.  My mom complains about this all the time saying "Beti, can't you save your nice clothes for special occasions".   No mom, I really can't.  I think its a sign that I really like whatever I bought.  If it stays in the bag I probably don't know how to incorporate it into my wardrobe and it will stay unworn for a long.
  2. I have a fear of birds.  They fly, drop excrement while they fly, and have sharp beaks for poking your eyes out.  No, I have never watched the Alfred Hitchcock movie and I don't know where this fear comes from but its a full blown phobia. 
  3. I have never dry cleaned an item of clothing.  If it says dry clean only I'll walk away from it in the store before I buy it.  If i don't notice or love it too much to pass up I will probably never wash it or try and wash it by hand.
  4. I love Gordon Ramsey.  At first I thought he was a really jerk when I saw him on Hell's Kitchen, but my opinion quickly changed after watching last years season with my husband.  I've probably seen every episode of Kitchen Nightmare's.
  5. My best friend organized my dresser and I've kept it organized for 3 weeks now!  This is a real feat.  Normally my dresser looks like a tornado landed.

smelling my roses

Seemed like a good idea at the time but the dried shrub left me with several spinters in my foot! Ouchie!
Shirt: Ross-Purple Sleeveless top with ribbon flowers-$8
Skirt:LOFT-Pintuck Hem Cotton Viola Skirt-$3
Scarf worn as belt- orange with beaded hem- Gift from a relative in India-FREE!
Earings-Silver and orange-Gift from a relative-FREE!
Shoes-Cork and silver flip flops-gift from a relative-FREE!

Approximate Total Cost-$11

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