Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thrifty White Pants

Yes, I know. I'm wearing white pants after labor day BUT yesterday it was over 90 degrees which makes it perfectly okay to wear white pants if you ask me.  That and they are new and cheap and I love them.  I've never had a pair of white pants before...we'll see how long they stay white.

This post is linked up to Thursday are for Thrifts, a blog I found just last night! Great to see other cheap, thrifty, frugal bloggers.  Its also linked up to Color Brigade so if you like my outfit, you can vote for me there! If anyone would like to send in photos for my Frugal Friends Friday post, just remember your outfit needs to be under $100 or currency equivalent and include where you got each item and for how much.  You can email me at  or upload photos to my Facebook page.  

Shirt: Anthropologie-Yellow Tunic Top-$20 (similar long-sleeved one here)
Belt: Thrift Town-Multicolored Guatemalan Belt-$2
Pants:Thrift Town-White Wide Leg Linen pants-$6 (similar here)
Shoes:Ross-White Strapy Cork Wedge Sandals-$16
Ring: Pier 1-Bead Flower Ring-$4
Approximate Total Cost~$48

 I absolutely love this multicolored belt! I think it was such a great find at $2.
My flower ring and a pretty pale yellow rose in my garden.

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