Monday, September 5, 2011

Ist Wedding Anniversary

Wishing my dear husband a happy 1st wedding anniversary! <Insert mushy romantic heartfelt feelings here> Though seriously, I can't believe its been a year!

I enjoyed planing, shopping and creating decorations for my wedding so much. Today's post is a photo flashback of those days (yes, I had a big multi-day Indian wedding)

First and foremost, my dress:

Lengha-Sari Palace in Berkeley-$1000
My wedding lengha I purchased at the Sari Palace in Berkeley.  They had the blouse custom made for me. The original blouse paired with this skirt was a hideous yellow and gold sleeveless thing and looked terrible with my skin tone.  We decided to get the blouse done in the green shade found on the lace on the bottom of the skirt.  I think the combination is beautiful, but a little watermelon like.  The amount of beading and embroidery is pretty minimal for an Indian wedding lengha, but I don't normally go for bling so it suited me perfectly.  Also, lenghas can get pretty heavy with lots of work on them so I was looking for something light.(I was a lot skinner then :P)  The embroidery and beading is on tulle while the undershirt is a satin type material. The blouse portion is a raw silk material.  This lengha is by far the most expensive clothing I own but compared to what people seem to spend on wedding dresses on "Say Yes to the Dress" I think i came out with a bargain.

The jewelery was bought by my aunts in India. I hardly ever wear jewelry and having so much on was quite uncomfortable.  Getting all those bangles on to my wrist was just plain excruciating.  They bought a size too small thinking I had given them the wrong information.  My hands are not petitie nor do the fold easily!


My shoes were from Nordstrom rack.  I don't remember the brand nor the price but if i had to guess they were likely 25-30 bucks.  My wedding ceremony was outdoors and the aisle on grass so it was important to me to get wedges so not to fall.

Did I mention there were multiple outfits?


Reception Sari-Turquoise silk Benarsi sari~$600 when you convert from Rupies
I absolutely loved my reception sari and how the red and white bangles contrasted with the color.  The sari was purchased for me in India by my aunts on my mom's side.  Lots of Indian brides will take a shopping trip to India before there wedding.  I saved on airfare and outsourced the shopping duties to my extended family in India.  I like when other people buy clothes for me as it brings more variety into my wardrobe.


A sangeet is a singing and dancing party to celebrate and kickoff the wedding events.

Sangeet Lengha-Meena Bazaar in New Delhi-~$300
Jewelry-Some store in Artesia, CA ~$100
Me, dancing like crazy.  Had to get all the movement out of me before the Mehndi the next day.

The green suit I wore as a dress was purchased at a sari shop in Sunnyvale, CA...not sure the name of it.   I think it was around 80-100 bucks.

I did my makeup myself for all the events.  I don't normally wear makeup and before the wedding didn't own anything.  I made several trips to the mall trying out different brands and getting mini makeovers.  I was able to learn some techniques for applying makeup and what shades looked nice on me.  I ended up liking Bobby Brown makeup and purchased quite a few things which I still use if I'm going out somewhere nice.

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