Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Target Clearance Picks

I am an in and out shopper for the most part.  I don't generally browse or pay much attention to displays.  I head straight for the red sale and clearance signs.  Especially when at Target, I find paying full price for an item of clothing ridiculous.  I could probably count on one hand the number of times I've done so.  Occasionally, a non-sale item will catch my eye and I'll add it to my wishlist in the back of mind. If I find I still like it after it goes on sale or is hanging among other clearance items then I'll get it.

Not all Targets are created equal when it comes to clearance selections.  The store closest to my new house is amazing! At the current moment they have probably 10 or 12 clearance racks all nicely sorted by size and type of item.  If you try something on and need a size up or down they probably have it and you can find it.  My old target store never had anything on clearance.  Items were purchased and rotated out so quickly.  There'd be one clearance rack and that's if your lucky.  The entire Christmas season last year there was nothing!!

Not For Me!
Purple Embroidered on the bottom sleeveless top (couldn't find on website)-$14

This top was cute, but too big on me. I tried on a size medium and it was too loose in the chest, which is pretty rare for me these days!  I like tops and dresses with empire waists but I have to be careful now and make sure they don't make me look prego.

Yes I'll take it!
Merona Tank Dress with Twist Front-$10

I can't stop buying dresses at the moment.  I keep find such cute ones like this polka dot number.  I love that dresses hide things so well and jersey ones like this you don't have to worry to much about fit.  Also on a blue and white polka dot obsession at the moment.  Put together a new swimsuit with large polka dot top and small dot bottom from JCPenny and Sears respectively for under $10 total! Yay for end of summer swimsuit clearance.

Add to Wishlist
Merona Water Repellant Short Trench Coat-$45
Never had a trench coat before and I really want one.  Thinking about finding a nice short one like this and maybe a long one to wear over dresses.  I liked the darker khakhi color and checkered print of this one.  I tried on the small and medium (small pictured). On the medium one the sleeves were really long and baggy and the small looks like it's not able to close when open and makes me look like a stuffed sausage when closed.

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