Friday, October 21, 2011

Frugal Friend Friday, Vol. 4

Today's frugal friend is my husband's best friend and the best Groomsmaid at our wedding. I coined the term groomsmaid for my husbands side of the wedding party.  All his close friends are female so he had 5 groomsmaids at the wedding and I had five bridesmaids.  You should have seen the chaos of getting 9 non-Indian women into saris for the ceremony!

Shirt: Forever21-Dance with me shirt-$12
Jeans:Kohl's -$24
Um...thats all she told me in terms of prices
Shoes-Black wedge flip flops
Under layer: Black halter top
Bag: Silver...uh I don't know how to describe bags

She came with us to Tahoe last weekend so you get to see more of the beautiful lake!  She planned all her outfits for the weekend in the same black, grey and silver theme so she could where her grey boots. Unfortunately she packed for cold weather and there was none to be found so the cute boots went unworn. Do you pack with a theme or color scheme in mind?

Right now she's really into slouchy clothing, like this shirt....its not a look I've really tried but after this cute number on her I may purchase a top post-shopping ban.

Aren't the sleeves nifty? Almost looks like a braid.

If you would like to be featured on my frugal friend friday post, please send me an email to with some photos of your frugal under $100 outfit or a link to your blog.  Be sure to include how much you got each item for and where.  I tried the link up thing two weeks ago and it was an epic fail.  Maybe I'll try it again later if I get more followers.

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