Monday, October 24, 2011

Chunky Monkey

Ever put on an outfit, look at yourself in the mirror and think you look alright only to photograph yourself and hate it.  That's today for me folks.  I decided to try two challenges at once and maybe that's where it started to go wrong.  Today's Inspiration Monday photo is of Sarah Jessica Parker and I tried to recreate her look while doing the Fashion Challenge of wearing leopard or snakeskin.
Sarah Jessica Parker
 I think my first problem was I only have two items that are leopard or snakeskin. The second is I only have two grey sweaters and no chunky sweaters at all.  And the third is the weather.  Yesterday was in the 80s here and today should be in the 70s...not exactly sweater weather.

So this is what I'm wearing...

Top: Hand me down from Tiny-FREE!
Pants: Clothing Swap find-FREE
Belt: Oakland White Elephant Sale-Snakeskin belt-$1
Shoes: REI-Brown Merrell Mary Janes-S24
Approximate Total Cost-S25

This weekend was full of DIY projects for my husband and I.  We powerwashed the deck, took down the bright orange plastic mesh from the back fence, planted some flowers, fixed two gates that were sagging, put up wire mesh on the back fence, and sealed the deck.  My husband also installed under cabinet lighting in my kitchen which shows off the pretty black granite countertops.  Its also highlights when the counters are dirty so I have a major incentive to keep my kitchen clean.  We also cleaned the kitchen, dinning room and living room from top to bottom cause I hate having a messy house when people are coming over.   No wonder I didn't want to get out of bed this morning....we accomplished a lot this weekend.   Oh and I got my haircut!


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