Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

This year I'm dressing as a lobster.  I found a lobster hat at a thrift store for 69 cents and it was too cute to pass up.  Originally I wanted to be Minnie Mouse, but I think a lobster is a little more original.  When I told my husband I was dressing up as a lobster I suggested he go as butter, but thankfully my friend came up with a better idea, a chef!

All three pieces i'm wearing thrifted from Thrift Town and my husbands shirt! Chef hat I already owned.

For a halloween party last week I used my old costume, Mrs. Incredible. Since it was a family friendly event I decided a skirt over my tights and not the classic super hero underwear over tights look was more appropriate.

What I love about both costumes is, with the exception of the lobster hat, all the items are totally wearable outside of Halloween.  I have never bought a pre-assembled Halloween costume.

Today I'm linking up to Rules are Lame and Thrifters Anonymous! Be sure to check out other halloween costumes and thriftyness.

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