Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Shopping Ban Outfit #9

Shopping Ban Status Update:
Starting to feel some symptoms of shopping withdrawal.  I'll lust after an item seen on a blog or online store. The best thing I'm doing to keep myself from shopping is avoiding stores I normally buy things at like Target.  When I'm in store that sells clothes I'll just skip over and not even look. If I don't see it I won't be tempted.  Unfortunately marketing and sales strategies are working against me, those eye catching displays may be my downfall.

Yesterday I wore shopping ban item #21, Red and Grey plaid skirt.  It was supposed to be around 69 degrees making my choice of a sweater and tights slightly acceptable, but instead it was 75 and I was a wee bit uncomfortable.  All summer I wished for warmer weather and now it won't get cold in autumn.
Top:Burlington-Yellow Striped Sweater-$12
Skirt: Thrift Town-Black and Grey Plaid Skirt-$3
Tights:Targer-Light Grey Chevron Tights-S5
Shoes:Ross-Black flats with flower-S15
Approximate Total Cost~$35
My chevron *not with techron tights

Also found a new link up, Target Tuesday @ Fabulous but Evil. She's featuring some awfully cute Target shoes today!

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  1. I love target's tights! I have several different colors! Thanks for linking up! :)