Monday, October 17, 2011

Shopping Ban Outfit #4

My friend Ashley, pictured above, straightened my hair with her professional hair straightener.  It looked really nice in person and photographed pretty well too.  The last time my hair was straightened it was at a kiosk in the mall you know the one where they attack you anytime you pass by.  They totally fried my hair and I had to do a hot oil treatment for a few weeks to get it back to normal.  So far my hair seems okay...a little less curly but not damaged.

Top: Old Navy-Blue with a large floral print-$10
Skirt: Burlington Coat Factory-Yellow flared bottom skirt-$8
Bracelet-Friendship bracelet made by Olivia-Free!
Shoes....I don't remember and you can't see them anyways.
Approximate Total Cost~$18
I didn't gamble at all but I did spot a slot machine with a picture of an Indian woman. 

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