Friday, October 28, 2011

Sometimes you feel like brights

and sometimes brights just hate you.

Today's fashion challenge was to wear "Fall Brights" one of the current trends that I love. I woke up this morning ready to wear a colorful outfit, but everything I had put together in mind FAILED.  I even arranged my skirts in ROYGBIV order this morning, when I realized I had enough range in color to do so! I was so ready for the challenge.

Had this idea to wear hot pink and cobalt blue together.  Saw it on a blog yesterday (cant remember which one).  Its a color combination I haven't tried before.  Unfortunately it didn't work out.  One hot pink shirt was too long to wear over my skirt and too baggy to wear under.  The other has thin straps and is a layering piece...I can't do spaghetti straps giant bra straps show and strapless bras aren't my friend :(.  So I decided to throw on my khaki dress and wear my dress as an over shirt. Didn't like that either. Where the skirt hit my waist and the waist of the dress didn't mesh.  It was too much of a bother to pin it SO I just wore the dress with my favorite scarf as a belt.

In conclusion, I more mostly neutrals for fall brights day.  Maybe I'll try hot pink and cobalt again another day.
I just like my hair in this picture

Dress: H&M: Khaki shirt dress-$35
Shirt:Express-Pink lace layer tank-$10
Shoes: Nordstrom Rack-Not Rated Oxfords-$25
Scarf-From Turkey, a gift from a friend-FREE!
Approximate Total Cost~$70
 And, you should really check out what the other lovely challenge takers wore today! I feel like a failure.  But a cute failure.

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