Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hosting Thanksgiving

My husband and I hosted our first thanksgiving dinner in our new home. My husband woke up early to BBQ the turkey in the rain. And between the two of us we made mash potatoes, cornbread souffle, gravy, cranberry sauce and provided some appetizers.  My husband and I got the house cleaned our dishes prepared well before the guests expected arrival time of 10:00AM.  We sat around anxiously twiddling our thumbs for nearly an hour and half before the first guests arrived.  Consequently, dinner was served a little later than usual, but no complaints were heard.  My husband family's Thanksgiving is done potluck style so the rest of the feast was brought by guests and included green bean casserole, corn and jalapeno chowder, stuffing, yams, coleslaw, and fruit salad .  There were probably 8 different types of dessert! All of which were barely touched, everyone was too full from dinner to even think of dessert.

Skirt: Fab India-Blue with grey diamond pattern-Hand me down from my cousin
Top:Forever 21-Grey Tee-$4
Necklace:Macy's-Copper colored beaded necklace-Gift from my nephew
Flower pin: H&M-$3
Earrings-Gift from Mom
Shoes:Old Navy-Silver strapped sandals-S20
Approximate Total Cost~$27 

 I thought our living room was a decent size until after dinner nearly 20 adults were standing and sitting around watching football and the room suddenly felt half the size!  The weather was a little drizzly so most of the time everyone was indoors making our home quite cozy and warm.  

Beautiful pie made by my mommy

Our Thanksgiving feast!
I apologize for not posting much these past two weeks.  Things have been pretty busy with Thanksgiving planning and life in general.  I'm way behind on reading my favorite blogs, but I'm going to try doing a massive catch up session tomorrow.  

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