Thursday, November 10, 2011


I had a friend in college who wore pastel pink a great deal and I really didn't like the color on her.  It didn't go well with her skin tone and somehow this turned me off from pastel colors in general.  ( Let's just say I'm not her biggest fan anymore).  So that is probably one reason I've had this sweater in my closest for years and never worn it.  I even remember the day I bought it.  It was an after Christmas sale at JCPenny and the store was crazy madness.  I grabbed this sweater and a red wool coat and headed straight to the checkout line.  Sadly, I don't get to wear the wool coat much.  It really doesn't get cold enough here and its more formal than I normally dress.

Sweater: JCPenny-Lavender chunky knit cowl neck sweater-too old to remember
Belt: Ross: Came with a shirt-$10
Jeans: Nordstrom Rack-Joes Jeans-S$70
Socks: Target-Pink with yellow dots-$1
Shoes: Payless-Pastel Teal sneakers-$8

The other reason I've never worn this sweater is that it is a size medium and I used to be extra small.  I seem to mention my former size often so I figured (hah. pun not intended) I'd show you a few pre-marriage photos. The photo on the left is from my bridal shower and the one on the right in from my bachelorette party. As you can see I've filled out a little :P.  The funny thing is at the time I was so happy I had gained a couple pounds in time for the wedding!  I'm actually really happy with my weight right now.  As long as I stay in the healthy weight range for my height I'm not planning on losing weight any time soon.

And now back to our regularly scheduled program, more pastels! This next outfit I'm wearing today and although its very comfy and cozy I don't think the style is my own.  What would you pair a baby blue maxi dress with? I feel like I should be going to a 70's prom in this.

Dress: Macy's, gift from Mom-Baby Blue maxi dress-FREE!
Blazer: White Elephant Sale Oakland CA-Blue Tablots Blazer-$6
Top: Old Navy-White lace tank top-$4
Shoes: Naturalizer yellow sneakers with bow-$15
Approximate Total Cost-S20

These two outfits are shopping ban outfits #11 and 12! I have 13 more pieces to go so I'm pretty much at the half way point (a few of my outfits featured multiple shopping ban items).  Technically I'm wearing another new item today, a pair of Spanx.  Yes, I was a Spanx virgin before today.  Anyone else have an issue with the elastic band on the waist not staying put? Other than that, I quite like them.

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