Friday, November 11, 2011

Frugal Friend Friday, vol. 5

I haven't done a frugal friend friday post in a few weeks.  Mostly because I haven't been pestering my friends to send me photos or requesting ones from readers.  So if anyone out there would like to be featured on my hopefully more regular frugal friend friday post, just send me a photo or two or a link to your blog post featuring you looking great in a cheap outfit, preferably something under $100.  You can email me at  I love seeing what cheap looks other people are wearing :).

So, this week we have my friend who was featured on my last edition.  I think she liked seeing herself on my blog because she sent this to me without me asking! Woot! She wore this outfit for an interview yesterday. From what she told me she rocked this look and her job interview!  Best of luck to her with the interview process!  Her look is JCPenny from head to toe.  I just love the wide leg trouser on her!  Blue and teal are her favorite colors which might be why she looks so happy and not nervous before her interview.

Top:JCPenny-Blue cowl neck top by B. Wear-$26
Pants:JCPenny-Black  pants by Star City-$17
Shoes: JCPenny-Arizona Brand-$22
Approximate Total Cost-$65

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  1. Frugal friend Friday is a nice idea. Thanks fir visiting my blog. Let me know whether u like to follow each other.