Monday, October 24, 2011

Shopping Ban Outfit #6

Shopping Ban status update:
I'm enjoying the challenge and the added benefit of my personal checking account balance staying relatively the same.  I've worn nine of the challenge pieces out of 26, though I haven't photographed all of them.  Unless it makes it to the blog it doesn't count which makes my true total 6.  I went to the thrift store today to find some halloween decorations and my husbands costume and it was hard not to browse the clothing for myself.  I tried on one thing and lucky the fit was horrible otherwise my challenge may have come to a quick end.

I also have a little wager going with my friend.  She has banned herself from something as well (yes, i'm going to be secretive and not tell).  Whoever breaks their challenge first has to buy the other Pinkberry yogurt.  Either way I get yogurt so its a win-win situation.

I wore this outfit last week, just didn't post it in a timely fashion.
Wearing Shopping Ban item #11, Blue ruffle button-up shirt

Top:Express-Blue Button-up with frills-$15
Pants:Nordstrom Rack-Black cropped dress pants-$20
Shoes: Macy's-Style Co. Grey kitten heels-Gift from Mom-FREE!
Coat-H&M Black and White patterned-$20
Approximate Total Cost-$55
I think I need to work on looking less confused in pictures...its my default expression.  In college I'd have professors stop lecture to ask if I had a question or were confused. Nope, its just my thinking face. 

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