Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Diwali!

Diwali is celebrated by Indians across the world.  An interesting thing about holidays in India is they are often celebrated regardless of religion or region.  The same day will be celebrated in a variety of ways commiserating different events or ideas. So Diwali has different meanings for different people. You can read all about Diwali on wikipedia.

Today's outfit is Shopping Ban Outfit #7.  I was wearing my cream colored heels with bows on them but while taking photos I stepped through a wet patch in the yard and lost the little plastic piece on both heels!  Well, that will teach me to thrift shoes :P

I'm also participating in the Fashion Challenge of wearing a midi or maxi shirt. I think with my petite frame wearing a midi skirt can be challenging and so does Sage at Sweet and Sage who blogged about the same issue today.  I personally like the fit of a fuller midi length skirt and shy away from something that clings to the body or makes my bottom half look slim and straight.  I look for something that shows a good amount of calf otherwise I feel like I'm drowning in material or look stumpy.

Also, since it is Diwali I wanted to wear something Indian but still follow the Fashion Challenge. This skirt was made in India! But bought at Ross.  I like printed skirts especially Indian or other ethnic designs but always have a hard time figuring out what top to wear with them.

Skirt:Ross-Black and white print skirt-$7
Top:H&M-White Sleeveless top with bow-$13
Shoes: Cream peep toe kitten heels with bow :( -$3
Approximate Total Cost~23 
Ok so since its Diwali I've decided it would be nice to share some Punjabi music with you guys.  If highly repetitive upbeat music that makes you want to dance is your thing then go ahead and play them.  If not that's okay, I won't force you to listen or like it.

I just love Juggy D. His dancing makes me smile and laugh.  I don't know if any of you spotted him, but Jay Sean is in this video. Its from back when he sang more fusion songs.

Neither of these songs are very recent...I add to my collection of Punjabi music slowly and rarely get sick of songs.  

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  1. Yaaay HAPPY DIWALI!!!
    How sweet of you :) That skirt is preeeeetty.