Thursday, October 13, 2011

Self-Imposed Shopping Ban

My husbands new truck and the reason I splurged on a pair of heels. 

I've decided I will wear all my new and unworn clothing before I shop again.  This self-imposed shopping ban is an attempt to spend less on clothing this month(maybe longer) and maximize what I already own.

I've been shopping for new clothing a great deal this year because I've put on a considerable amount of weight.  I donated/clothing swapped/threw away about 90% of my clothing.  My wardrobe was in need of a good overhaul anyway.  I was stuck in a fashion rut before, wearing mostly solid colored t-shirts and jeans everyday.  I also needed to broaden my clothing style and choices because of my new body shape.  Before I was very thin with a little curve in the right places.  While now I've got problem areas I'd like to disguise and distract the eye from.

You may have noticed the photograph of me in the bed of a shiny red pick up truck.  It was my husbands "impulse" buy this weekend.  I call it impulse because I'm used to my dad who researches everything extensively before buying.  It took my dad a year to pick a vacuum, no joke. My husband, on the other hand, bought a truck the same day he test drove it, while I was out for a day of shopping with my best friend.  So in retaliation/frustration of not being there to pick our first car purchased while married, I impulse bought a $75 pair of Beverly Feldman lace heels.  They are HOT. Enough said.

The clothing seen below is what I have to work with during my ban.  All have never been worn by me...other than playing dress up in my own closet....which I do a lot.  I can't imagine I'm the only person who tries on stuff they already have just because.
1. Kelly Green Gap Sweater
New, loved the color and bought it without trying it on.
 2. Yellowish Green skirt with flared bottom
New, love the shape and the color.

 3. Lime Green Pencil?A-line? skirt
Thrifted, bought it without trying in on because there was no dressing room.

 4. Floral Print Tunic
 New, love it and haven't worn it yet...thinking this Friday or Saturday I will.

5. Black and White Printed Dress
New, need to alter straps so they are shorter or cut them off entirely.  This is the closest i have to a little black dress...does it count?

6. Neon and Black Striped Slip dress
New, need to add straps or something

7. Baby Blue Maxi Dress
Gift from Mom, not a color i'd pick for myself but it looked nice when i tried it

8. Burnt Orange(color is off in the picture) peasant top
New, cute and cheap

9. Red button up top
Clothing Swapped, was free?

10. Forest Green halter top
Clothing Swapped, cute and free!

11. Blue Button up shirt with frills
New, I like frills and cap sleeves...don't know what to wear it with though

12. White and Pink Polka Dot tube top
Clothing Swapped, was convinced into taking this item by my friends. 
 They all thought it was adorable.

13. Red and White Striped Shirt
After realizing i owned very little striped clothing I bought this. 
 I like that the stripes are diagonal across the body

14. Purple Sweater Vest
Gift from Mom, got this for my bday this year with a mustard cardigan. I've worn the cardigan numerous times but never this vest

15. Brown Spagetti strap with gold metal embellishment
Clothing Swapped, I think this is really cute but need to sew up the crossing pieces in the back or find one of those bras for backless or low-back items

16. Pink Tunic with Chikan embroidery
Gift from Mom, I was there when she bought it...kinda. I ran off to the bookstore next door because she was taking FOREVER.

17. Blue Cropped Cardigan
Thrifted, Its cute but not sure what to wear it with.
I've put it on a few items and decided it didn't work. I'll keep trying...

18. Green and white striped cardigan sweater
Thrifted, uh...maybe i just don't like wearing stripes. Forgot I had this til I started taking pictures.

19. Turquoise Dress with Brocade work
Gift from my Aunt, My mom has taken this dress out, add a zipper and I still haven't worn it.  I swear i will Mom! Your hard work will not go to waste!

20. Blue and white skirt
New, I liked this skirt when I first saw it in the sale section at Antropologie but never enough to pay for it until last time when it was marked down to $30 and they were having an extra 25% off sale.  

21. Red and Grey Plaid Skirt
Thrifted, hasn't been cold enough to wear this wool blend skirt.

22.Vintage Off white kitten keels with bow
Thrifted, never thought i'd buy used shoes...

23.  My beautiful, hot and sexy lace heels
New, most expensive pair of shoes I own.

22 items total
10 New and I bought
5 Thrifted 
4 Gifts
4 Clothing swapped

Wish me luck! And if you have any ideas on how to style any of the items above, I'd love to hear them!

Found some more items that have never been worn!
24. Black Flower Belt
New purchased by me

25. Black Tunic with black embroidery and beading 
Gift...I think from my mom...maybe my Masi (mom's sister)

26. Mustard yellow and pink ethnic skirt
Thrifted! I was so excited when I found this at the thrift store. Pretty sure its silk and I love the bright contrasting colors. I've wanted a skirt like this FOREVER.  I didn't think a picture of this skirt lying flat would make sense so I modeled it for you guys

26 items total
11 new and I bought
6 Thrifted
5 Gifts
4 Clothing Swapped

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