Thursday, October 13, 2011

Shopping Ban Outfit: #2

I'm considering yesterdays post my official start of the shopping ban, making today's out Shopping Ban Outfit #2.  While getting dressed this morning I also found a belt that's newly purchased and never worn.  I love the giant flowers and found out today that they spin! You can line them up straight or have them off-kilter.

 Wearing item 5 the black and white printed dress and item 14 the purple sweater vest gifted by my mother. I haven't worn a dress as a skirt recently and I think i'm going to try it more often.

 The sun was in my eyes.  It was such a pretty day and I had to let you guys see the beautiful view from our deck where its possible to see San Pablo Bay and hills on the other side of it.

Dress: LOFT Outlet-Black and white print dress-$15 (similar here or here)
Sweater Vest: Macy's-Purple-Gift from mom-FREE (similar here)
Belt: Francesca's Collections-Black with flower design-$10 (similar here)
Shoes: Payless Shoe Source-Black Flats-$12
And for your general amusement, my bunny Bun Bun. First he hopped on top of the storage bin next to his cage.  Then he surveyed whether he could make it on top. And then he sat in his spare bed I had tossed up there and started chewing on his treats bag.

Bun Bun is my first real pet.  As I kid I only had fish...not as cute and cuddly and since I can only remember the names of two of them Dwight and Theodore they don't really count.  What was your first pet?

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