Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What to do with all those wedding cards...

Make an scrapbook album of course!

WARNING: I am NOT a "scrapbooker". I did not buy fancy stickers and stuff to put in it however,I may have indulged in a book of pretty paper that was on sale. I simply cut up the cards cause they had their own pretty designs, cartoons and decorations and glued them to pages. Sometimes I needed to photo copy the notes from guests to include as they were written on the backside of the pretty stuff. Other times it required careful deconstruction of the card by taking apart different layers. I tried to pair up similar looking designs or buy type of guests...grouping together related family members or close friends. Anyway, here is the result.

The cover is actually a card sent by my relatives in England. The card came in its own box and actually had several large pages inside and confetti!  I just love the art deco style of the card and the little details like the lace print down the left side and embedded rhinestones. 

The first page has a card signed by many of our friends at a picnic we had before the wedding.  The picnic was to celebrate my recent graduation and our upcoming wedding.

I just loved this peacock! I hate birds but make exceptions for peacock designs and penguin everything.

Love all the pale pink on this page and the contrasting green background!

One of my favorite card designs.

Just love the flowers going down this card.

Just thought I'd share what I did with my box of wedding cards!  Maybe it'll inspire someone to dig out their box and re-purpose them into something new. I had thought about adding photos to the scrapbook but decided my bright colorful Indian wedding clashed with the white and light colored designs of most wedding cards, but I imagine it could go quite well with a traditional American wedding.

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