Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Beauty Products I Use

I'm pretty simple when it comes to beauty products and make up, but I've definitely added a few steps and products to the routine over the years.  I like when other bloggers post what products they use or do reviews so I thought I'd share my "secrets" with you today. Below is a glimpse of the products in my beauty routine.

1. Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Shampoo, Conditioner and Mousse ~$3-4 each available at most drug stores

The secret behind my curl, wavy, big hair is this line of hair products.  I have course curly/wavy hair that is dry and frizzy if not managed properly.  Not only do I have thick hair strands, but I have a whole lot of them crammed on to a tiny head so I need volume control not volume enhancement.  The shampoo and conditioner keep my hair clean, moisturized and the frizz under control.  The conditioner is on the lighter side and leaves my hair feeling soft and fluffy (doesn't weigh it down).  I've tried other hair products for curly hair, dry hair, frizzy hair etc and this is the best one I've found for my hair type.

The mousse is also really light weight and has a flexible hold.  For me, its really important that my hair has natural movement to it and is touchable.  A lot of other mousse products for curly hair cause curls to be really stiff,crunchy to the touch, and look perpetually wet.  I towel dry my hair so its not dripping wet, comb through it once with a wide tooth comb and apply about a Pillsbury biscuit sized amount of mouse to my hair.  I apply it mostly to the ends of my hair and scrunch up my hair a little.  I don't flip my head over or apply it near my scalp as this causes too much volume.

If you look for this product in your local store, the Herbal Essences line for curly hair is a similar shade of purple so be sure to read the label!  My friend mistakenly bought it after I recommended Tousle Me Softly Mousse to her.

2. St. Ives Whipped Silk Body Wash ~$3-4 not available anymore at most drug stores...i have to do a bit of searching.

I've been using this body wash for almost 10 years now! I absolutely love it.  It has a light scent and creates tons of suds which are my main requirements for a body wash.  It also leaves my skin feeling silky soft...I've had people pet my arms before...its that soft.  I'm allergic/sensitive to most bar soap and quite a few body washes.  I start sneezing in the shower and my skin gets red and itchy.  This product is gentle enough for my skin and I've tried hypoallergenic soaps that weren't :( .

3. Trader Joes Lavender Salt Scrub-$7 available at Trader Joes only

My esthetician turned me on to this product and I've been using it two or three times a week since!  I have dry skin on my legs, so dry that I scratch at my legs til they bleed.  Not a pretty sight, believe me.  Also, after I get my legs waxed I'm prone to in grown hairs which also itches.  This product takes care of both of those problems.  The salt scrub prevents the in grown hairs while the lavender oil keeps my legs moisturized.  I rarely scratch my legs now! If you have really dry skin you'll probably love this product as its really thick and sticks to your skin.  I've read other reviews that commented it was oily and left people feeling greasy so its probably not for everyone.  After you use it the bathroom smells like lavender which I consider a extra bonus!

4. Clinique Even Better Spot Corrector

I used this product for a few months last year, saw an improvement in my skin, and then stopped using it. I stopped mostly because of the price.  After several months I felt my skin had noticeable spots again so I've picked it back up and I've decided I really do like it and I think it works.  It reduces the appearance of dark spots, but I haven't noticed an affect on pockmarks.  I think its worth the price if you buy it when Macy's has a free gift with purchase...who doesn't love free makeup!

Anyone else love these products? Or just tried them?

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