Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Shopping Ban Outfit #13

I'm staring to get worried how my shopping ban will affect my holiday shopping or most likely how my holiday shopping with affect my shopping ban.  I love going out the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas for the great deals and mad rush at the mall.  Parking and people can be a nightmare, but its the nightmares, annoyances and such that make for great storytelling later.  Such as the time it took us over an hour to exit a parking garage, we were only parked on the second floor :O!  Or when I was 16, had my license for maybe 5 months max, and had a panic attack while trying to find parking....good times! 

Do you like to go out the day after Thanksgiving or Christmas? Are you the type to wake up super early for those special deals? Or, are you like my husband and have your Christmas shopping done in mid-November?

I bought this sweater because I loved the color and the fact that it was 70% off.  I held it up and figured a size small would work and didn't bother to try it on.  Apparently, I didn't look closely because the armpit region features a pretty big arm hole that makes it look like I have flying squirrel arms...not the biggest fan of this look, but I'm learning to like it.  Its much easy to wear a layer underneath, as I don't have to worry about the sleeves bunching up under my arm!
Sweater: GAP Outlet- Green pull over sweater-$12
Shirt: Marshalls-Grey button up ruffle shirt-$8 (also worn here)
Jeans: Macy's-Levis Bold Curve ID dark wash-$58
Shoes:H&M Green sneakers-$12
Approximate Total Cost-$90

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