Saturday, November 5, 2011

Breakfast Only on Weekends

In my house breakfast is only made on weekends.  We have a house guest this weekend so I've been cooking up a storm.  Thursday dinner was Hawaiian style short ribs, veggie stir fry and rice.  Yesterday lunch we had chicken fried rice made with the leftover rice from dinner.  Dinner last night was meatballs and spaghetti.  And for breakfast I made omelets and bacon.  I should probably start thinking about what's for dinner....but oh well, I blog instead!  

The omelets were Mohlajee style.  What's a Mohlajee omlet you ask...well, its one made with Mohlajee masala! (Also known as Garam Masala)  For party favors at our wedding, my husband I decided to do spice jars filled with seasonings since we both love to cook.  Mine was called Mohlajee Masala and contained a homemade blend of garam masala while my husbands was called Lowry Seasoning ( you know like the brand Lawry's) and contained a spice rub for ribs he likes to use.  We got the spice jars at Cost Plus and tied a recipe to each one using ribbon.  The labels were designed by my nephew and printed at home.  I was cheap and frugal for my wedding even.

So to make a Mohlajee Omelet you'll need eggs, garam masala, onions, jalepeno, bell pepper, and whatever other veggies you'd like to add.  Mushrooms, tomatoes, italian squash are all great options.

Finely dice the veggies, you can decide how much you want to add.  Fry the onions in butter or olive oil if your health conscious like most of my family.  Add in the rest of the veggies and saute for a little bit (maybe a minute on medium).  Beat egg(s) in small bowl add salt and pepper to your liking and pour into frying pan with the veggies.  Let it cook for a bit then sprinkle with garam masala.  If your fancy like me do the tri-fold when almost cooked through and then flip or if you prefer just flip over and cook the other side.  

If you are wondering where you can find garam masala I would try your local grocery store if you live in an area with lots of Indian folks as it probably has an Indian foods section.  If not, then you may have to google where your local Indian store is or buy it online.  Its a very versatile spice mixture commonly used in North Indian cuisine.  

Dress: Nordstrom Rack~ Purple sweater dress with flower things- $20
Tank Top: Gap~Neon green tank top-$7
Jeggings: Target-$22
Boots: Ross-Aerosoles Knee high black boots-$20
Coat: Thrift Town: Bebe Fushia Trench Coat-$20
Approximate Total Cost-$89

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!  I know I am! My blog reached crossed 3,000 hits today! Woohoo!  Yes, I'm a little obsessive about checking the stats, but I really do find statistics interesting.

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