Thursday, November 3, 2011

Chandi chowk Chilli Powder

Today I was pouring chilli powder into a spice jar and the scent and sting I sensed reminded me of walking the streets of Chandi chowk in Delhi.  On my last trip to India, my best friend came too and we attended my cousin's wedding and crammed a whole lot of sightseeing in two weeks.  On what was supposed to be our last day there, we decided to do some last minute sightseeing and visit one of the oldest neighborhoods and markets in Delhi.  My cousin warned us we might have a sneezing fest from all the spices in the air, but its something you have to experience to believe.  The number of shops, people, restaurants, sights and smells in such a small area can be quite the sensory overload.  There is a street named after and devoted to paranthe, a fried stuffed bread!

This was the furthest I could stand to get a picture of her without being inside of a shop!

We left Chandi Chowk and took two rickshaws to an adjacent neighborhood where my grandfather had a bookstore and printing company after the partition.  My aunt almost fell off while trying to get on, the driver had already started peddling!

This is most likely where my grandfathers store one is exactly sure.

Apparently, its also a pretty conservative area and I was later told I shouldn't have worn a tank top though if it was really that big of an issue I'm sure my aunts would have said something before we left the house. We took the Metro train to get there and its probably the cleanest thing in Delhi, seriously.  Its spotless and they don't allow you to take photos inside...the security officer made me delete a photo right there in front of him.

Me and my friend outside of the Metro entrance.
After we left the Chandi chowk, we had lunch at a trendy Chinese restaurant that had the best soup ever. And you know that soup had to be excellent if we finished our bowls clean in July in 100+ degree weather. My friend and I are still searching for the recipe!

So chilli powder Chandi chowk story aside, here's my outfit for today!  Its a frumpy cozy outfit, perfect for a rainy day like today.

Blazer: White Elephant Sale Oakland, Ca-Blue Petite Talbots Blazer-$6
Sweater: Thrift Town-Green 3/4 sleeve sweater-$2
Skirt: H&M-Floral Print Skirt-$20
Tights: Brown tights-Hand me down-FREE!
Shoes: Nordstrom Rack-Not Rated Oxford flats-$25
Approximate Total Cost~ $53

These shoes are ridiculously soft and comfy.  I know they look a little elf like but I like them. Since my top and blazer are thrifted I'm linking up with Thursdays are for Thrifters at Spunky Chateau.  Don't you just love her blogs name!

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